How powerful should the Emperor be?


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One of the most unique features of ESO will be the possibility for players to become Emperor. Exactly how one becomes Emperor, additional abilities granted and the implications it has for your guild is not clear yet. Though, more details this will be available in the near future. Should the Emperor’s new found power make him or her capable of decimating large groups at will or should it be more of a reasonable buff? Short of turning into a giant dragon, how powerful should the Emperor be?

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One of the most likely advantages of becoming Emperor will be combat buffs. Most people envision the Emperor to be somewhere between Achilles and a master Jedi. If the Emperor ends up being a one man army, defeating him will certainly be an achievement.

However, since the Emperor can simply be resurrected overwhelming combat prowess is unlikely. It seems the developers want the Emperor to be a force to be reckoned with, but not an unstoppable killing machine. The Emperor will probably have helpful utility skills, giving the Emperor more flexibility rather than an I-win button. Choices and teamwork over raw power.

A Tactician

Coordination, even in the slightest, can be a huge advantage in large scale PvP. If you have played any game with large scale PvP, you have noticed most people just go to the closest hot spot. Maybe a few heals are tossed around, but it is mostly a mob of individuals. Having just 60% of players cooperating, for instance going where they are told, can have an overwhelming impact on a battle. Without any more cooperation than that, a guild can become a force to be reckoned with.

What if the Emperor had access to more command type abilities. Maybe something basic like setting way points, or something more advanced like delegating quests. Maybe a chat to speak to guild leaders in the same campaign? Hopefully, ESO will give guilds some of these options anyway, but giving the Emperor farther reaching coordination abilities could make him a real leader instead of a killing machine. Of course, a large chunk of player will be completely oblivious, but it does not take many players working together to achieve large gains in effectiveness.


A third option, which is probably unlikely, is the Emperor with large scale utility abilities. Maybe the Emperor could cast a buff or debuff over a city area. What if the Emperor could call down fire from the sky, like artillery? The utility Emperor would not seek to engage in direct combat, but instead would rely on allies to identify areas that need a little push and provide support there.

This would certainly be a less exciting role for the Emperor. Instead of being at the front, dishing out situational abilities from the back.

There are of course many roles and a plethora of abilities the Emperor could have not covered here. The developers have stated that even those that participate in non-combat roles in Cyrodiil will still have a shot at becoming Emperor. Becoming a demigod would not fit the play style these players have chosen. On the other hand, the player with tons of kills will not want to sit back and be a tactician. This raises another question, what type of player would make the best Emperor? Hopefully, the Emperor will be a combination so that all players can enjoy becoming Emperor. Also, fighting the Emperor may be different based on who the current Emperor is.

Becoming the Emperor and defeating the Emperor should feel like a real achievement. It is difficult to at the same time make the Emperor not overpowered. How powerful do you think the Emperor should be? What type of abilities do you most hope the Emperor has?

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  1. comediac May 7, 2013 at 11:33 am #

    I think the best option is actually a mix of those three. The Emperor could have exclusive armor and weapons (of all types to accommodate a wide range of play-styles) with special enchants and other stat buffs to give him an advantage over normal people (but not too much of one, don’t want him to become a one man army), combined with everything in the Tactician category and a few of the options in Utility, like maybe he can go to a certain part of his palace and ask the mages there to send a volley of fireballs on a certain location or send a garrison of archers to help defend the keep walls, with large cool-downs for balance purposes (but some of the things he can do should probably only be allowed to activate from the palace so he can’t just call in fireballs around himself if he gets into trouble).

  2. Aldrahn May 7, 2013 at 2:08 pm #

    We may assume that he or she who becomes Emperor is already a force to be reckoned with, so I’d be inclined to agree with Comediac in that it’d probably be a mixture. My guess though is that it’ll be more emphasis on Utility in the way of large-scale buffs perhaps (and maybe some long cooldown fireball-type attacks as mentioned) as sort of an “Emperor is only as powerful as his army” type of mechanic.

  3. Andozer May 7, 2013 at 2:17 pm #

    I was thinking someone similar to Comediac.
    The Emperor can certainly not be a one-man-army.
    At the same time, being a pure tactician for placing people and/or giving buffs can be boring too.
    I guess you can either go for “a special mode” with a set of abilities and armour, or simply have the person remain the same, with some improvements like durability.
    The implications of the latter would most likely be that the emperor will always be a warrior, heavy tank.
    The idea of having the Emperor accessing certain tactical utilities such as “call mages to fire spells” or “Fire the ballistas” would most likely “even out differences” the most.
    The most important thing will be to balance the abilities all the time, and keep patching things to find out what works and what doesn’t, as this sort of combat will be quite different than anything else.

  4. Vauderus May 7, 2013 at 3:37 pm #

    Well, the entire concept is a bit odd. If you have ONE guy who makes special things happen, it can result in a solo player who’s excellent without a group, a guild or an idea of what to do with it. But if you gave that guy advantages, he becomes the most powerful guy in the arena without a doubt. He’s ALREADY at the top of the leaderboards! If you make him more powerful, he just annihilates the competition or gets ganked repeatedly by groups of 10-20 people who don’t like him being Emperor. Either way, not fun.

    Having him be a rallying point is a bad idea because, honestly, nobody EVER listens to commanders/generals/overlords. If there was some system where the Emperor creates a special ‘Honor Guard’, who are decent-awesome players who listen to his commands, that could work. Actually, with the multi-guild system, he could just automatically, upon becoming Emperor, get a free, empty guild that he can invite people to join in order to create a more organized force.

    A utility wouldn’t be a bad idea, but it would get boring for the Emperor. And really, if you spent that time to get a prized position, you should have some excitement to go along with it. If you do end up getting the Emperor in your faction, you should feel amazing. Having a guy that has the power to do things, but doesn’t actually do them because it’s uninteresting would get screamed at by people angry at him, then you wouldn’t want that position.

    Another thing you could do is have the Emperor give PvE bonuses to your faction, as an added incentive. Don’t just make it relevant for PvP. Get some other people entrenched in it, make it a battle.

    This idea was a pretty nice one, but it’ll need some tweaking no matter what ZOS decides for it. Just need some more ‘leaked’ information and we can recommend things that much better!

  5. Dekar May 7, 2013 at 5:02 pm #

    Thre skill lines with different play styles would appeal for a larger group of people while retaining all the choice and freedom Elder Scrolls games emphatize

  6. Talos May 7, 2013 at 11:17 pm #

    I don’t see why the Emperor shouldn’t ascend to divinity.

  7. Andozer May 8, 2013 at 3:10 am #

    A good point indeed.
    Maybe the Emperor should have a unique “skill-tree” himself, to, like you said, keep the freedom of choice as well as appeal to more people.

  8. Narfzort May 8, 2013 at 9:41 am #

    Looking over this I’m thinking that the Emperor/Empress should have access to a scrying orb or battle map (or both) that executes the following:
    1) reveals the location of all Elder Scrolls in their campaign
    2) allows him to place incentives (like bounties) for the ‘rabble’ players to swarm over a specific town, province, what have you, and gives them a player-controlled reason to invade a particular area — fueled by the coffers in the Imperial City of course.
    3) allows him or her a top-down view of an x by y area of battle, and the ability to interact with local chat in that zone remotely. These would appear as ‘yells’ (in wow terms) that ranking pvp players within that small area can all hear.
    3b) call upon the Imperial Battlemagi to rain down destruction from afar. Friendly Fire possible vs NPCs, so (s)he should exercise care in its use. This would have a heavy cooldown; but gets shorter the closer to the Imperial City it’s used.
    4) reallocate NPC soldiers throughout the province of Cyrodil. These include: common foot soldiers, varying forms of archers, priest(esse)s of the Eight (support healers), and shield magi (who can briefly, with a heavy cooldown, render certain areas uncapturable). These NPCs can only be sent to fortification areas such as keeps and castles that are currently under the Emperor(ess)’s faction’s control, have a central respawn/training point in the Imperial City, have a wait time while in transit, and may only engage in combat while being transferred if attacked. Transit orders may not be cancelled, so said monarch should be quite certain before redeploying troops.

    On the more personal front:
    - Protection of the Blades. The Emperor has the ability to call upon the Blades (or other group, if it’s not lore-correct for the Blades to be his bodyguards yet) to protect him and aid him in combat. Each call has a heavy cooldown and summons 1 healer, 1 melee/tank, and one ranged dps NPC.
    - A unique mount
    - Ability to appoint players (one per profession) to a position that grants unique recipes that only remain available while they are in that office. For example, ‘The Imperial Archsmith’ would be able to forge heavy armor that only the Emperor can use, and a few not-quite-as-good things one par with Blades gear; while ‘The Emperor’s Mystic’ would have access to enchants, leatherworkers, tailors, weaponsmiths. These perks are granted by the Empress and can be revoked by the same.
    - Personal aura: ‘Might of the Emperor’ increases all stats and HP/MP/Stam regen of all friendly players within x yards by y%. Does not effect the Emperor. Effect increases the closer the Emperor’s health is to maximum and based on proximity to the Emperor.

  9. Narfzort May 8, 2013 at 11:46 am #

    I mentioned the ‘coffers of the Imperial City’ earlier. Well, what good is ruling Cyrodil if you can’t control the economy? The Emperor will have the direct power to levy taxes, set tolls, levy fines, issue kill – or capture – on sight warrants and bounties, all funded by the Imperial Treasury.

    Sounds like an RTS, right? Well, at least I’m not suggesting the power to authorize new structures or settlements. :) That would be way too much detail control for an MMO.

    On the Imperial Treasury:
    Once per day (arbitrarily let’s say when dailies reset) the Treasury will either increment or decrement. It will do this based on several factors:
    1) number of towns, castles, and resource-building facilities under the control of the Emperor’s faction.
    2) relative safety of the roads between the Imperial city and target town or settlement.
    - front line or otherwise endangered sources of revenue will generate significantly less income for the Treasury than areas well back from the front.
    3) whether or not any of the tax/tribute caravans en route to the capital were successfully raided by a) NPC bandits; or b) adventurers from an enemy faction
    4) Population in contributing areas (there would probably be a base contribution from the population of the Capital itself)
    5) whether or not capital is being actively besieged. Obviously if it’s under siege and surrounded, absolutely nothing’s getting in from the outside.

    Just my suggestions. :3

  10. OctoWorm May 12, 2013 at 10:16 pm #

    I think the emperor should be just like a normal guy but defended by other people and should have tactical control but anymore hed be too over powered. So yea hed be defended like an emperor and make tactical decisions but no other strengths.

  11. Sabaza May 22, 2013 at 1:55 pm #

    If the Emperor is a world boss player. I would assign him or her the task of completing the Emperor’s quest line, which would be near impossible. In order to access this role you would have to be the maximum level of the game, complete all quest lines, own all of the Emperor’s gear, and be highest rank. If a player kills you, you lose the throne. The constant running around trying to achieve the impossible would eliminate the dullness.

    If the Emperor role is more of a PVP Tank, his team’s goal would be to protect him for a set duration of time. The Emperor’s goal would be to complete a set number of tasks. Activate all of the stone pillars, and live. The opposing team’s objective would be to annihilate the King. The Emperor role would be voted on before the match began. In order to keep things interesting. You want someone with experience fulfilling the role of Emperor.

  12. jack May 28, 2013 at 6:18 am #

    2 things.

    1) I can already imagine the utter terror and anguish on the kid’s face who has devoted months to becoming the emperor only to be told by his mom that they are going on vacation for two weeks, no questions asked.

    2) I am a psychic and I foretell that the emperor will look like this:

  13. Tiber Septim July 27, 2013 at 9:50 pm #

    I’m agree with most of the above, one thing to add. Emperor chooses what he specializes in like he can choose to specialize in tactical and recieve tactical powers and get the other groups like utility but less stuff than if he chose to specialize in utility. Basically you get powers from all categories but to a lesser extent than if you specializes in that category.

  14. Wo3dy August 5, 2013 at 2:04 am #

    Why not make the player choose between 3 options?
    once you become Emperor, you get to choose between:

    1) combat buffs( either just for you or maybe few skills to give nearby players)

    2)Tactician (maybe bigger awarness(see people from further away orsomthing), waypoints, ..

    3) Utility (CC abilities. like said above,)

    it will give the game alot more diffrent gameplay style.


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