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Elder Scrolls Online Pre-Orderpreorder Elder Scrolls Online

Though the Elder Scrolls Online release date for PC, PS4 and Xbox One is not until Spring of 2014, the Elder Scrolls Online pre-order is available(PC,PS4,Xbox One). Zenimax has not released any information concerning a collector’s edition or if there will be special items for players who preorder. Before you preorder Elder Scrolls Online you can read up on the major features below.

Elder Scrolls Online Information


Elder Scrolls Online allows players to enter the world of Nirn and travel all over the continent of Tamriel. Players fight classic Elder Scrolls monsters and compete in faction vs faction PvP to take over the Imperial City in Cyrodiil. Players choose to play as one of the three factions: Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant or the Ebonheart Pact. Each faction has three races. Regardless of race, players will be able to play through the content of other factions. Another great reason to place your Elder Scrolls Online pre-order.


ESO features large scale player battles in the province of Cyrodiil, which is an open world battlefield. Players can capture, defend and control strategic points such as strongholds. Players in Elder Scrolls Online can also use specialized weapons to siege strongholds and batter down walls and gates. The ultimate goal of each faction is to capture the Imperial City, which allows the top player to control the Ruby Throne and become Emperor.

What better way to conquer a fortress than to assault it with siege engines? Players take control of siege weapons to bash their way through barricades, gates, walls and even to decimate the enemy. Siege weapons include rams, catapults, ballistae and more. Whether you preorder Elder Scrolls Online or not, sieges will be no place for the weak.

Capturing and holding territories grows a faction’s influence and improves the chance of controlling the Imperial City. More importantly, ESO features the first important use of the Elder Scrolls. Elder Scrolls grants the faction that controls them great bonuses. Players can fight their way into opposing faction’s strongholds within Cyrodiil and capture their Elder Scrolls to gain even more power.

Becoming Emperor

Players in ESO fight not only to control Cyrodiil, but to become the Emperor. If your alliance manages to capture the Imperial City, the top ranking player of your faction will take over the Ruby Throne and be named Emperor. However, it is more than just a title. The Emperor has unique abilities that make them more powerful in combat. The Emperor not only leads the alliance, but strikes fear into the hearts of enemies.

To maintain authority, the Emperor’s alliance must successfully defend the fortresses needed to dominate Cyrodiil and control the Ruby Throne. Your reign may be brief or eternal depending on how well you lead. Player choices matter in Elder Scrolls Online. If you preorder Elder Scrolls Online you can be one of the first to form a guild and attempt to become the Emperor.

Player vs Playerelder scrolls online pre order

Players at any level of game mastery can participate and be an effective combatant. In ESO, a player’s battlefield abilities are altered to enable them to match high level players which results in an experience that all players can enjoy. Players can begin PvPing at level 10 in Elder Scrolls Online. Every player is a valuable member regardless of playtime.


Elder Scrolls Online pre-order players can be the first to track their personal, guild and alliance rankings to see who is on top. Players can also check up on who the deadliest enemies are via the Leaderboard. Players in Elder Scrolls Online also gain points to use toward siege equipment and various battlefield aids. Even players who have never participated in PvP can unlock siege engines and bonuses with gold earned in the rest of the game. ESO Wiki will have information on achievements as soon as they are available.

Even if you have not received your email with your Elder Scrolls Online beta download, don’t give up. There will be many beta events between now and launch. In the meantime, you can place your Elder Scrolls Online pre-order below.

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